For a long period of time waste management was associated with the simple disposal of waste materials to landfills or other designated sites. Nevertheless, with the course of time, the concept of waste disposal was changed due to growing consciousness in the society and the attitude towards waste management of residents, businesses and the government. The impact to the environment has become a key factor that contributed to the idea of waste management education.

Nowadays, many sources promote the idea of waste management education, as well as there are a lot of educational institutions that provide the society with the specialists in the field of waste management. The idea of waste disposal is so widespread, that you can see its hints nearly everywhere. It is colored plastic trash containers in your neighborhood, it is a part of your office management, a part of your shopping and, in other words, it is a part of your daily life, whether you noticed it or not. Waste management education warns the society about the consequences of the mindless use of land resources, as well as it promotes the idea of conscious life and carrying attitude towards the planet.

Upcoming Events 2017

6th International Conference on Recycling

Las Vegas, November 6-8, 2017

Organized under the theme “Regenerate from Waste”, the event brings together leading speakers from the USA, South Africa, India, Spain, Japan, and China, and features talks, discussion sessions, and workshop on the newest trends and most urgent issues in the field of waste management and recycling: waste recycling legislation, strategies for waste management and reduction of air and water pollution, recycling of chemical waste and plastic, etc.

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